Peterloon 2022

Peterloon is a mini-jamboree held in and around Camp Friedlander every few years. There is a lot of stuff that goes on during the single day that activities are open, some of which is detailed below.

Range Sports

First, as a troop, we went through the area around the forts and skipped ahead to the shooting sports. In this area, various activities were going on, including tomahawk throwing, various sorts of guns were being shot, and there was an archery range. However, the only thing we stayed for as a troop was the tomahawk throwing.

Other adventures in the activities

One of the boards at the Scouting History Exhibit
More of the Scouting History Exhibit

Next, we headed over to the other area in Camp Friedlander with a concentrated set of activities, stopping for lunch at the food trucks when we got back. Then, after lunch, we split up into various groups. One of these groups stayed up in Camp Friedlander briefly to earn a couple patches from the National Park Service and the Scouting History Exhibit before heading back down into Cub World. When they got down into Cub world, they stopped at the Science Mayhem fort for the Parachute design challange and looked at some of the booths around the forts before returning to the campsite. Various other small groups of scouts went to other things before everyone met back at the campsite around 4:30 for dinner.

Stage show

After dinner, everyone at Peterloon went to watch the Stage Show, mostly at the Lakeside, where it was streamed onto a giant screen, but a few troops got to see it live at the Arena. The stage show consisted of a cooking contest’s results, an egg-drop engineering contest’s results, and some skits. After the skits, however, came the fireworks display, which ended Peterloon.


The next morning, we went to Mass at the Cub World Fire ring, which was said by the Scouting Chaplain for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati before breaking camp and heading home.