Wacky Games and Electronics Weekend

For this event, Troop 85 stayed at the Adams Building at Camp Hugh Taylor Birch. For once, we were allowed to bring electronics on an outing, although this meant that, aside from the Wacky Games event on Saturday, we spent most of the time playing video games.

Wacky Games

The Wacky Games event, which took up most of Saturday morning, was a scouting skills competition styled like a game of Trivial Pursuit. The two teams took turns moving their piece around the Trivial Pursuit board, answering a scout based trivia question on each space, until they landed on the big wedge spaces.

On each wedge space, a team had to stop moving around the board to go do an activity. If they won the activity, their mover would get a wedge of the corresponding color. The first team to reach the center and answer one last trivia question, which was chosen by the opposite team, won the game. Sound easy? Well, bits of it were, but other pieces were really hard. Some of the challenges teams faced to get their wedges are detailed below.

Cooking Trial:

The challenge was simple on paper: build a fire and use it to boil pasta until it could be used to tie a sheet bend knot. However, Troop 85 is not full of excellent firebuilders, so building the fire took a while. Then came the part that sounded hardest: figuring out how long to boil the pasta for. However, even with this challenge, both teams managed it the first time.

Outdoor Skills Trial:

For this challenge, we had to remove the toy (what the picture is focused on) from the circle of rope without entering the circle ourselves. However, there was one added challenge: we had to use lashings to do it. Even still, this challenge was rather easy.

Citizenship Trial:

This one was also easy. We just had to demonstrate how to fold the American Flag. There were no additional difficulties.

BSA Lore Trial:

The challenge here was to build a simple water raft for the lego pirate and blow it across the gutter in 20 seconds or less. For some reason, getting the raft to move fast enough was rather difficult, though.