For this event, a subset of the troop drove to Valley’s Edge for tubing with their families. We spent all afternoon there and had a lot of fun. Not only did we snow tube in smaller groups, we went down a few times as one massive group.

YMCA lock-in

For this event, the troop went to the YMCA in Xenia, Ohio. After arriving, they worked on swim tests and other aquatics requirements between 9 and 11 PM. The rest of the night was just free time, interrupted only by pizza, soda, and TV between midnight and 12:30 AM. At 6:45 AM, they left.

Summer Camp 2022

Every year, Troop 85 goes to summer camp. Summer camp is a wonderful opportunity to earn merit badges and learn scouting skills, as well as work on ranks. Many options are available, allowing each scout to work on merit badges and skills that they need. This year, we went to Camp Birch again. Camp BirchContinue reading “Summer Camp 2022”