Klondike Derby 2023

The Klondike Derby this year was, as always, a series of various challenges that patrols brought sleds full of equipment to. Here are some of the challenges:

Lashing Event:

This challenge required patrols to build a tripod lashing (as shown at the left) to attach their patrol flag to.

Tree Identification:

For this challenge, patrols had to identify what native trees various leaves came from.

Firebuilding Challenge:

This next challenge was in an area our Troop struggles with: firebuilding. The challenge required patrols to create a sustainable fire while following the outdoor code, and without using anything other than some wood, 3 matches, and possibly some flint and steel.

First Aid and Knot-Tying Challenges:

For the first of these challenges, patrols had to treat a member as though they had a broken limb and prepare them for transportation. The second challenge amounted to showing that patrol members could tie a variety of basic knots.


This challenge was similar to one undertaken at the Spring Camporee in 2022. However, this time, instead of aiming for a particular score, points were awarded based on how well the patrol did.

Orienteering and Sled Checkup:

For the first of these two challenges, patrols were required to use an orienteering compass to follow a “directional course.” The second station amounted to a series of questions about general scouting knowledge and an inspection of the patrol’s sled to check and confirm that they had everything they needed and that everything was stored safely.

Obstacle Course:

This challenge required patrols to put one of their members in a stretcher and carry them through an obstacle course containing “a series of obstacles commonly found in the wilderness.”

Sled Race: 🏆

Separate from the other events, this sled race required patrols to drag their sled through a “staked course.” In this event, one of our patrols got second place.