November Troop Elections 2021

One of the key skills that Scouts BSA teaches is youth leadership. Leadership experience is found all over the program, from being a mentor to younger scouts to NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training). Being a youth lead program is what separates Scouts from other youth programs.

Troop Elections

The positions of responsibly in a Scout troop allows it to be well organized and function as a unit. Different positions play different roles in a troop’s function. The core of a troop in the PLC (Patrol Leader’s Consul), which is lead by the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL). Scouts in the PLC plan meetings and make decisions for the troop. Positions in the PLC are: Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL), Patrol Leader (PL), and Troop Guide.
However, there are positions outside of the PLC that aid in other parts of a troop. These positions are: Den Chief, Assistant Patrol Leader (APL), Order of the Arrow (OA) Troop Represensive, Instructor, Burglar, Quartermaster, Scribe, Outdoor Ethics Guide, Librarian, Historian, Webmaster, and Chaplain’s Aide.

Newly Elected Positions

Senior Patrol Leader: Brendan L
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader: Gabe L
Lighting Patrol Leader: Jeff B
Lightning Assistant Patrol Leader: Parker G
Scorpion Patrol Leader: Eli F
Scorpion Assistant Patrol Leader: Kent W
Tiger Patrol Leader: Matthew M
Tiger Assistant Patrol Leader: Isaac Bernard

Quartermaster: Elliot B
Librarian: Kiernan L
Den Chief: Elliot B, Ben M, Matthew B
Historian: Parker G
Troop Guide: Kent W, Charles M, Isaac B
Web Master: Isaac B
Instructor: Steven O, Andrew B, Cris D
Scribe: Steven O
Order of the Arrow Troop Representative: Gabe L