Summer Camp

Summer Camp is a very good camping experience for both youth and adults alike. You’ll get to hang out with your fellow scouts, work on merit badges and rank advancement, and find out who in your troop you have elected into the OA. Most years for summer camp Troop 85 goes to (Camp Birch) located in Yellow Springs Ohio, which is really close to (Saint Luke Parish) in Beavercreek Ohio.


Camp Birch has a great selection of activities to choose from. From boating to rifle shooting and fingerprinting there are a lot of activities and merit badges to choose from.

Tecumseh Island (TI)

Camp Birch’s new scout program aims to help first year scouts with rank requirements up to second class. If you do TI you will also have the chance to earn First Aid and Swimming merit badge (assuming you made a first aid kit at home and the pool isn’t broken).

Merit Badges

This year Camp Birch offered 59 merit badge. Every Eagle required merit badge was offered and 38 non-Eagle required were offered. Summer Camp is one of the best times to earn merit badges because most of what you need to complete them is available at camp (apart from prerequisites)


Camp is one of the best and most common times that scouts earn rank and merit badges. A lot of scouts make big advancements during summer camp.

OA Day

During each summer camp, on Wednesday evening, the Order of the Arrow holds a ceremony. Scout(s) that you have elected to be in the OA are called out.