Backpacking Recipes

Before starting with any of these recipes, you should read Menu Planning Fundamentals, which discusses how to count calories and plan an appropriate menu for your trip.

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General Tips


The more dishes you carry, the more weight you carry, and the slower you’ll hike. Plan for one-pot meals whenever possible.


Consider adding drink mix as a source of calories and variety. Options include:

  • Fruit drink mixes
  • Sports drink mixes
  • Hot cocoa
  • Tea (limit to a minimum, since caffeine encourages dehydration)
  • Instant or bagged coffee (limit to minimum, since caffeine encourages dehydration)

Remember that if you mix a drink in a water bottle, you need to bear-bag it at
night. Also, be sure to rinse any bottels that have had drink with Vitamin C
in them before using iodine to purify water in those bottles.

If you’re trying to shave weight and make sure you eat every calorie you pack,
we’ve learned from Philmont that fruit drink mixes with sugar can be eaten
straight from the packet, but that sports drink mixes cannot (too much salt to
make them palatable).