Scout Uniforms

Types of Scout Uniforms

  • Class A. The “Class A” uniform is the basic Scout uniform, made up of the tan Scout shirt and a Scout neckerchief or bolo tie. Scout pants/shorts, belt, headgear, and socks are optional but encouraged.
  • Class B. The “Class B” uniform is intended for activities and warm weather. This uniform replaces the tan Scout shirt with a Troop 85 or other Scout t-shirt. As before, Scout pants/shorts, belt, headgear, and socks are optional but encouraged.
  • Formal Class A. For formal occasions – Courts of Honor, Scout Sunday, Scoutmaster’s conferences, Boards of Review, Crossover ceremonies – the Class A uniform should be worn with the following changes. The only appropriate neckwear is a Troop 85 neckerchief (silkscreened or embroidered) or an Eagle Scout neckerchief. With the formal Class A, Scouts should also wear merit badge sashes (if they have them), and any religious medals or other medals earned as a Scout. Pants should either be Scout pants or dress slacks, and loafers or dress shoes are recommended. Jeans, shorts, sneakers, and sandals are strongly discouraged.

When to Wear the Uniform

  • Meetings. The Scout uniform should be worn to all troop meetings. The Class A uniform can be worn year-round, and the Class B can be worn to meetings between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Scouts who are planning on having Scoutmaster’s conferences or Boards of Review at a meeting should wear a Class A or Formal Class A uniform even during the summer.
  • Campouts/Outings. Unless told otherwise, plan to travel to and from all campouts in a Class A uniform. During campouts, either wear a Class B uniform or outdoor clothing appropriate for the weather.
  • Pancake Breakfasts. Scouts working at a pancake breakfast should wear a Class A uniform. Scouts may wish to bring a Class B t-shirt with them to wear when setting up before or cleaning up after the breakfast.
  • Courts of Honor/Eagle Courts. Scouts attending a Court of Honor or an Eagle Court should wear a Formal Class A uniform.
  • Scout Sunday. Scouts and Scouters attending Mass on Scout Sunday should wear a Formal Class A uniform.

What Not to Wear

At no time should Scouts or Scouters wear shirts, hats, or other clothing with slogans or symbols contrary to the message of the Scouting movement.

Where to Get the Uniform

Scout shirts, pants, belts, socks, and most insignia can be purchased at one of the two Dayton-area Scouting supply stores:

Tecumseh Council Service Center

326 S. Thompson Avenue
Springfield, OH 45506-1145
(937) 325-6449

Miami Valley Council Scout Shop

4999 Northcutt Place, P.O. Box 13057
Dayton, Ohio 45413
(937) 278-4825 [M-F until 5:00 pm]
(937) 278-4869 [M-F after 5:00 pm, Saturday]

Uniform parts can also be purchased online from the BSA’s online store.

Troop 85 t-shirts can be purchased from any adult leader in the troop during Monday meetings. Short-sleeve shirts are $7, and long-sleeve shirts are $10. Troop 85 boonie hats can also be purchased during meetings. Speak to an adult leader to get current prices and sizes available.

Every Scout will be presented with a silkscreened Scout neckerchief at Crossover, and an embroidered Troop neckerchief after earning Tenderfoot. If you need to purchase additional neckerchieves, speak to an adult leader during a troop meeting.

If the cost of the uniform is an issue, Troop 85 maintains a supply of donated uniform shirts and pants. Speak to the Scoutmaster if you are in need of these uniform parts.