Board of Review and Scoutmaster Conference Uniform Standard

Scouts scheduling a Scoutmaster conference or a Board of Review should appear in a full uniform that is cleanneatly pressed, and has current badges in place. This means as full a uniform as you own: at a minimum, this should be a scout shirt, neckerchief & slide, epaulets and, if you have been issued one, your merit badge sash. If you own them, please include uniform pants or shorts, belt, and socks.

Boards and Conferences are not surprises — they are scheduled in advance by the Scout. Scouts appearing for a Board or Conference and not meeting the uniform standard will be asked to reschedule.

Exceptions to this standard will be made for Boards of Review conducted in the field: on hikes, weekend camp outs, summer camp, or high adventure outings. At those events, Scouts should appear in as full a uniform to which they have access.