Klondike 2022

Every year during the month of February, Tecumseh Council hosts the Klondike, which is a scouting competition between teams of up to eight scouts called sleds with events that are based on winter scouting skills.

The Campout

The first night was the coldest of the campout. However, most scouts slept very well due to their very warm gear.

On the second day, our troop split the scouts into their respective sleds and headed out to start the day’s events. At around noon the troop headed to the Turner Building to eat lunch that was being served by the Order of the Arrow. After lunch the sleds combined to form one sled (sled 10) and completed the tasks that were not finished before lunch. When it was about 3:45 pm the sled race started. The sled race is 1 mile long and runs through all the important places in Camp Birch. Our troop then went back to camp.

On the third day the troop packed up camp and headed to Bishop Ford Hall at St. Luke Parish of Beavercreek to unload gear. All gear was put away and the scouts went home.