Lunch Backpacking Meal Ideas

Lunch on the trail should be fast and require little or no cooking. This will help you make lunch stops quick and painless. Think about trail breads, summer sausage, peanut butter, fruit preserves, and cheeses that keep well without refrigeration.

Pita bread, sausage, and cheese

This is a classic trail lunch — it’s fast, tasty, and requires no utensils beyond a pocketknife. The pita bread will tend to dry your mouth, so consider adding a drink mix. Adjust the amount of summer sausage and cheese to your preferences and based the amount of calories you need in your menu.


  • Pita bread (2-3 pieces per person)
  • Summer sausage
  • Sharp cheddar cheese (keeps for several days without refrigeration)


Slice the summer sausage and sharp cheddar cheese into chunks and insert in the pocket of the pita bread.

Hudson Bay Bread

If you can prepare Hudson Bay Bread before your trip, this is a good choice for cold weather or any activity where you need a lot of calories. This is a staple of Northern Tier canoing trips.


  • Hudson Bay Bread (1 3.5“x3.5” square per person)
  • Peanut butter (in a plastic jar – will last several meals)
  • Jelly (optional, in a plastic jar or squeeze bottle)


Hand each Scout a piece of Hudson Bay Bread, let them add peanut butter and jelly as they prefer, and chow down. The peanut butter will let you pack on a lot of additional calories in cold weather