Troop 85: References

St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church, Beavercreek OH

Blank Permission Slip Templates

Below are blank permission slip templates posted in both MS Word (.doc) format, and in Rich Text (.rtf) format (which can be used by most word processors). The templates are drafted using colored text (red or blue), to show the areas that need to be updated by the tour leader (you!) for your event. Please make sure that every area of colored text is addressed (change it to black as you complete a section).

Special areas of attention (lessons learned):

Emergency Contact: Make sure the emergency contact info is filled out — this should not be a leader’s phone, but ideally is the staffed phone of the site (camp ranger, etc.). For back-country trips, use the number of the outfitter or local law enforcement authority that covers the area. Stress in the body of the permission slip if we will be beyond contact (wilderness areas, Philmont, etc.).

Mass: Do note the specific arrangements made to allow Scouts to attend Mass. On the rare occasion that we cannot attend Mass in camp or make it back to St. Luke for at least one Mass, list the locations and times of area evening Masses and note that Scouts should attend one of those. A suggestion: pick one and attend as a group.

Legal: The Archdiocese of Cincinnati “boiler plate” legal release in the middle of the form should not be altered (except for adding the short title of the event to help keep slips straight when collecting for multiple events).

Volunteers & Payment: There are a couple lines at the bottom of the form that are important to not cut off: Check boxes for volunteers & drivers, and check boxes for payment. If cash is accepted with the permission slip, initial the receipt there. If a scout-account withdraw is desired, the Scout should initial and show the amount.

Ideally, distribute & post the forms in PDF format, as everyone can read this, regardless of computer type. If you get the slip done, one of the Scoutmasters, Assistants, or Committee Chair can help you get it converted to PDF and posted to the website.

Download the blank permission slip in Word format here (36 kb .doc).

Download the blank permission slip in Rich Text format here (32 kb .rtf).