Troop 85: Policies

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Scout Accounts

A brief explanation of how you accumulate funds, what you can use your Scout account for, and what happens when you leave the Troop.

What’s a Scout Account?

Your “Scout account” consists of funds earned during Troop or Council fundraisers, for use to supporting Scouting activities. It is important to understand that money earned during fundraisers is earned by the Troop. Therefore, your Scout account contains Troop funds, not your personal money. In order to make Scouting more affordable, the Troop allows individual Scouts to use these funds for Scouting‐related expenses.

How do I get money into my Scout Account?

The Troop does several fundraisers throughout the year. For events such as pancake breakfasts, Popcorn Festival, and Popcorn Show and Sells, a portion (or all) of the money earned is divided among the accounts of Scouts who participated in the fundraiser. The amount each Scout “earns” is proportional to the number of hours the Scout (and any family members) worked. For Popcorn Sale, each Scout “earns” an amount based on the product he sells.

Note that sometimes at fundraisers, we’ll get a donation to the Troop (for example, a person gives us $20 for a $7 breakfast). Donations like this separately logged for use in a Troop “campership” account.

Occasionally, an individual Scout writes a check to deposit in their account. This money is treated the same as money from fundraisers, with the exception of a Scout leaving the Troop.

What can I use the Scout Account for?

You can use your Scout account to pay for camp fees, Troop activities, summer camp, high adventures, or for Scouting‐related expenses such as Troop dues, uniforms, books, camping gear needed for Scout events or even Eagle court‐of‐ honor expenses.

What can’t I use the Scout Account for?

You can’t use the Scout Account for non‐Scouting related purchases nor for patrol food costs for campouts.

Why not? Because the fund‐raisers are held to support Scouting, you can’t use the account for non‐Scouting related purchases. Also, the Scout in your patrol that bought your patrol’s supplies for the weekend needs to be promptly repaid. The treasurer doesn’t see Scout account charges till a couple of weeks after the event, and doesn’t know what your patrol’s food cost was in any case. To clarify: on a permission slip, when you see a fixed camp fee and “food cost by patrol”, you can only charge the fixed camp fee. Pay back your patrol’s grocer in cash, please.

What else can I do with the Account?

You can transfer account balances among family members active in the Troop (for example, a Scout can use his account to pay for his parent’s or brother’s high‐ adventure expenses), or to another Scout in Troop 85.

What happens if I leave Troop 85?

  1. If you transfer from Troop 85 to another Troop or Venture crew, we’ll write a check to your new Troop or crew for the balance of your account.
  2. If you turn eighteen, and continue to remain active in the Troop as an adult leader, you may continue to withdraw from your account balance as outlined above until it is zero, but cannot add to the balance.
  3. If you leave Scouting, we typically keep track of your balance for the remainder of our charter year (ending Dec 31^st^) in case you re‐join. After that, remaining Scout account balances revert to general Troop funds, as the funds were raised to support Scouting.

How do I use my account?

Note: You must be an active Scout to use your account balance.

Requests to use your account must be made in writing, either on dead trees (paper) or via email. If you’re paying for a Troop event, you can simply indicate on your permission slip that you want the funds to come out of your account. If you’re using the money for camping equipment, uniforms, etc., first purchase the items, then submit a copy of your receipt to the treasurer. You will receive a Troop check for the amount you paid or your account balance, whichever is less.

How do I find out my account balance?

Contact the Treasurer. The best way to do this is sending an e-mail to Mrs. Gerri Heaton at gheaton [at] ameritech [dot] net.

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