Troop 85: News

St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church, Beavercreek OH

New Troop Email Blaster

The new troop email “blaster” at our new troop site is up and operational. To send an email to everyone associated with the troop, just send your mail to the following address:

troop85-l [at] troop85bsa [dot] us

Please use this address instead of the previous address — that blaster will become inactive, and will not be routinely edited. Thanks to Vince Velten for setting this up our first blaster and getting us started on this.

Some things are a little different with this system:

To prevent this mail server being used for spam, the blaster is moderated by several troop leaders. Thus, when you post a message, it will not go out right away. Instead, you’ll get an email back that says:

Your message for list troop85-l has been forwarded to editor(s)

This message means that you message has been received by the system, and once it is approved by the list editors (a really simple task — anything related to the troop will get approved), it will go out to the troop. The editors are Mr. Madsen, Mr. Heaton, etc. Once it is approved, you’ll get the next message:

Message d73ed2d406cc026a1924b5d68fb58747 for list 'troop85-l' has been distributed.

This message means your email has been sent to the rest of the troop.

If you don’t get these messages, give Mr Heaton (either one) or Mr. Weber a call, as there as there may be a problem with the server.

Some guidelines for using this email “blaster”:

  1. Don’t depend on email to get through in a timely fashion. There WILL be a delay for approval. Also, we routinely see messages from the blaster being “bounced” due to over-full mailboxes, spam filters, changed addresses, etc. I’ve also seen email get “backed up” and not delivered for a day or two. Some spam filters block mail “silently”, so we have no idea if a message got through or not.
  2. Don’t send personally identifying information (names associated with home addresses & phone numbers) without using encryption. We have a standard troop password that has been distributed in hard copy at troop meetings and in committee agendas. If you need it, give me a phone call. Please use that password, and send encrypted .zip files or .pdfs. This is a youth protection measure. (and don’t send the password via email — duh!)
  3. If this is event information for the troop, send a copy to Mr. Heaton (either one) or Mr. Weber for posting to the troop web site.
  4. Keep messages and attachments small — not everyone has a high speed connection.
  5. Include your contact information on the email, if people need to respond.